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Friday, February 6, 2009

Principia 2007

Following the grand successin 2006 Principia was conducted on the subsequent year of 2007.

Principia 2007 had witnessed people from all over Kozhikode (Calicut) coming to the campus in addition to the innumerable students from various schools.
There was an exhibition open to the public,while the techies were held busy by events of their taste.

Here is Principia 2007 briefly:

PRINCIPIA ' 07 - Kozhikode

PRINCIPIA ' 07 a 3 day National Level Technical extravaganza . It was held at Govt.Engg College, West Hill, Calicut

The entry to the exhibition was free.

PRINCIPIA-07 is an annual fest organized by the Dept. of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation of GEC calicut.

Technical Events:

Paper presentation contests

Project Demonstration Contests.

Soft ware design contest

Hard ware design contest (Circuit design)

Technical Quiz.

Novus Genitalis

Mr. Ms principia07 - ‘attitude na’ : Its all about attitude. A program designed to differentiate the best from the better. Hot seats, stress interviews,advertising etc .Prize money Rs 5000.It was the biggest hit of Principia '07

The Big Fight- ‘Fight with words as weapons’ A debate on socio-political hot spots. Prize money- Rs 2000.

Network Gaming Time to fasten your seat belts. Almost all games possible.


Technical Non Technical talks handled by leading professors and lecturers

Linux studio

" A full fledged workshop on Linux(debian) and open source. Live CDs and activity groups. "

COGNITIO – the complete science exhibition

An exhibition, which will bring all the major public enterprises of India under one roof. Stall from KSEB, Indian ARMY, Kerala Police, and Planetarium, BSNL, Philately etc. A number of private firms also putting up their stalls.
The technical Theatre experienced a big rush from public.

The dates are the exhibition were 12,13,14th March 2007

Venue:Govt Engg College Kozhikode, Westhill, Kozhikode

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