Curtains down for Principia 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The FOSS expo

volunteers setting up the open movie theatre

The FOSS expo in Principia 2009 was a major expo with the support of FSUG-CALICUT and MES-FSUG.

Various linux distros were exhibited.

Curiosity livens up the life.The FOSS expo has definitely made the 1st year students, and the visitors of Principia 2009,curious if nothing more.

The Best Engineer contest had made the contestants come to the expo and get their distros.One of the tasks for the contest was to work with a free and open source software.

The Open Movie Theatre held as a part of the expo had the following on the show:-

  • Big Buck Bunny
  • Elephant's Dream
  • Sita sings the blue
  • Revolution OS
and recorded talks on Linux and free and open source by RMS

Posters on free and open source software were on the walls.

Thanks to KSEB and special thanks to Unais ikka for the sponsorship.

MES college of engineering had a great team which aided the FOSS expo.Presentation on open source initiatives such as Drupal and Gnulab ( got great attention from the audience;who were mostly new to the free and open source world.
Thanks to MES-FSUG for their support and enthusiasm.

The FSUG-Calicut had been in constant support for the FOSS expo.Unais ikka Jemshid ikka and Jaisen ettan need special mention.

The FOSS expo team of Principia 2009:-



Mahesh T K
Hafnas Babu
Chinthu R S
Abhijth S J
Dipulal K B

Thanks to all who have co-operated and helped the FOSS expo to be a big success.Thanks to people who have fearlessly helped by providing the hardware resources.

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